Design first

There is no meaning to technology without connection to human needs. Our passion and focus is on designing solutions and experiences through technology. Design is our way to contribute to society toward a more enjoyable and productive life for everyone. 

Customer first

Our tool is design, our focus is customer experience. We share your passion and responsibility toward your customers and the values you deliver to them. We help to get insights, define opportunities, design and implement service solutions tailored to your customers. 

Client first

MoonShire clients are quality service providers who welcome technology and new ideas into their service lines and business forefronts. They are what we call forerunners. We admire their passions and efforts, and help them to achieve more in their revered way. 

Who we are?

A group of creatives who happen to reinvent kiosk





How to start?

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We are a UK based company who design and implement self-service products and projects for almost a decade.


London, UK

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